What It's All About

The Places I Go is a cinematic look behind the places I traveled during my 15 week challenge a year ago. This was one of the biggest turning points in my life. While sinking deeper into a depression I longed for more. My life was just not cutting it. So, I decided to travel each weekend as far as possible by myself with only one goal in mind, to take one picture a weekend. Instead, I found myself getting lost in this beautiful world. Soon, these weekend trips would be the only thing on my mind. In class, I would be physically at school but mentally I was plotting out where I was traveling next, or remembering that sunset I had watched while sitting off the edge of a mountain peak. These moments to me were clarity. Solitude had soon become my biggest source of safety and comfort. No one will really understand how much these small moments changed my life. But somewhere out there by myself, I found myself, someone I had been missing for quite sometime.

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